NCE Corp Systems & Cabs

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May 19, 2005 Update The system now comes without decoders, but with a UTP panel and cable. POWERHOUSE PRO ™ 5 Amp DCC System The Powerhouse Pro is the most user friendly DCC system on the market. Other DCC systems require memorization of arcane simultaneous button sequences and computer hexadecimal numbers to accomplish the simplest tasks. Our ProCab™ walks you through every operation with clearly labeled buttons and well thought out menu prompts in plain English on the...

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Review of MRC Prodigy Advance System

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by Larry Maier MRC has released a new DCC control system named the Prodigy Advance. This system consists of three units: an AC wall transformer, the DCC Command Station, and a Cab. Installation is quick and easy. Plug the wall transformer in and connect it to the command station. Connect the cab to the command station with the included cable, and connect your track to the “Main Track” terminals. You are good to go! A second set of terminals can be connected to a separate...

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ESU ECoS Command Station

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by Don Fiehman Buy Here You may not be familiar with ESU or their new ECoS digital command station. ESU is the German company that makes LokSound decoders. ESU has a new model railroad control system called ECoS. The ECoS system not only operates DCC decoders, but also Märklin®, Motorola®, and Selectrix® decoders. This system can be operated as a two-station standalone system or become the central part of a much larger system with the extensive assortment of input and...

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Wireless Model Railroad Control With an iPhone – iPod Touch

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Mike Greenwood introduces this new emerging DCC technology. Eventually, this emerging technology may be more cost effective than purchasing wireless components from the DCC manufacturers! Are you looking for wireless control options for your DCC equipped model railroad? Why not consider using an iPhone or iPod Touch to control your railroad. Enter the iPhone! When Apple revolutionized the cell phone market with their smartphone, I don’t think they had any idea just how...

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MRC Prodigy Express Review

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by Don Fiehmann Buy Here PDF Version How Times have Changed When DCC systems were first marketed I was a bit reluctant to change over from dc. My main reason for holding off was the high price of the systems that were available. Then systems cost over $500 and decoders were relatively expensive compared to today’s prices. Competition and advances in technology have brought down the cost of getting started in DCC. Now you can buy a DCC system for not much more than a good...

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Lenz Digital Plus

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Comparison : DCC Systems Lenz Sets 90 and 100 Review by George Sebastian-Coleman, 04/28/2004 In December 2002 Lenz renamed its base systems to reflect a significant upgrade to these products. The earlier “set 01” and “set 02” have been replaced by Set 100 and Set 90 respectively. (Lenz still sells Set-01/10, a 10-amp system with pushbutton handheld and separate LZ100 and LV200.) Like most upgrades by DCC manufacturers, the changes are largely internal, and the pushbutton...

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