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This document is based upon instructions given in a web page provided by Tony’s Train Exchange. Life Like and Walthers Proto have made a number of HOscale models of the Budd Rail Diesel Car [RDC]. These models were released as part of their Proto 1000 range and cover three of the five types of RDC; the all-passenger RDC-1, the baggage/passenger combination RDC-2, and the baggage/Travelling Post Office/passenger RDC-3. These were released directly by Likelife Products...

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Jack Wabbit: Combining the User Friendliness of NCE and Reporting Power of Digitrax

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If a Jack Wabbit is going to be used with snap coils, we add a capacitor to the board to provide extra energy to operate the coils. In this version, the Jack Wabbit will operate snap coil OR stall motor machinse on an output by output basis. You set a CV for the snap coil outputs so the Jack Wabbit knows which is a snap or stall motor. There is a high energy version of the Jack Wabbit. If you order this version, we change the power supply to double the voltage to the snap...

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Guide to Using Prewired Suface Mount LEDs

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 in Miscellaneous, Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips |

Some LEDs come prewired with magnet wire.  In this case we’re using 0603 smd type LEDs. The magnet wire is very thin and has an insulating coating which has been removed from the ends for 12mm/0.5″. The leads are of different lengths, with the longest being the [+] connectionto the blue [common] wire from the decoder. A 1.5 KΩ resistor is to be soldered to the short lead, which is then connected to the function wire from the decoder. Do not replace the magnet...

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Exciting News From Broadway Limited Imports: New Paragon3 Sound & New Products!

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Broadway Limited is in the process of shipping their 2015 catalogs to dealers now, and inside it is some very exciting news to share with you!   First, there is the news of the all-new Paragon3 Sound & DCC operating system in HO locomotives! BLI’s Paragon3 Sound decoders feature the following: 2 selectable bells 3 playable whistles with variable endings 1 long, non-looped whistle 1 alternate whistle for locomotives with a second horn Quill whistle when using...

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Shut off DCC Track Power

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Our club is being told by someone considered to be an expert in DCC installation and operation that we should never place an engine on a “hot track.” That doing so over a period of time will “kill” the decoder. Even after a derailment, an engine should be placed back on the track with the power off. Is this something that you are aware of?  Rick C……Kings Point Model Railroad Club Sun City Center, Florida Hi Rick, there are at least two issues with placing a...

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Trains Longer Than a Reverse Loop

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PSX-AR & OG-AR I have an OG-AR on a Wye. My trains are longer than the leg of the wye the OG-AR is wired to. Your  instructions say to cut  another set of gaps at both ends of the reverse sections in side of the original gap. The distance between these gaps and the original gaps should be about 1/2″. My question is, How do you wire the sections? Thanks for you help, Frank S Hi Frank, you don’t wire them. They are dead. The extra gaps are only necessary if...

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