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NCE 5240223 Power Cab USB Connection


MSRP: $49.95


NCE Power Cab & ESU Programmer with PSX Circuit Breaker for Bench Programming

USB connection as an option for users, who prefer computer assisted programming. Compatible with popular programming software like Decoder Pro’, ‘RR&Co’ and others.

Part Number 524.223          

For computer programming and/or operation of Power Cab equipped layouts. Requires USB cable, computer and railroad computer program. One end of the board is the NCE cab bus; a 6 pin / 6 wire RJ12 jack. This connects to any UTP throttle panel including the PCP – Powercab  panel. The other end is a USB (B) end jack like on a USB printer. The jack looks like this:

The cable you will need is a USB printer cable and looks like this on one end:

The USB side of the board will draw 50mA from the host computer.


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