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Tony’s Universal Throttle Panel, TTX UTP w Tony’s Fascia Plate


MSRP: $22.95


UTP Hints & Tips

The UTP is designed to be a low cost unit to allow easy walk-around connections to be distributed in several convenient locations on a layout. The UTP comprises of a small printed circuit board with four RJ-12 connectors wired in parallel. Two connectors on the back are used to “daisy chain” the cable from the command station to more UTPs. The two connections on the front of the panel are used to connect to throttles and cabs. A metal panel is supplied to for mounting the UTP on edge of the layout of other convenient spot.

Faceplate Dimensions: 3″ x 2″ 

The Universal Throttle Panel is can be used with the Cab Bus on NCE, LocoNet on Digitrax, and Xpress bus on Lenz systems. The UTP will not work with the MRC Advance Prodigy system because it uses 8 wire cables.


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