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Hornby Rivarossi Announces New GE U28C U-boat and U25C

Posted by on Oct 7, 2015 in News |

Rivarossi has just released details for it’s newest General Electric U-boat, the GE U28C. The U28C was nearly identical to the U25C so this a natural progression for Rivarossi. See our video review of the U25C. If the model is comparable to the earlier released U25C, we expect it to be a superb model. Expect to see the new U28C in Novemeber 2015 in a variety of new paint schemes in d.c. and DCC with ESU LokSound decoders. Click for more details here.

Rivarossi has also announced new paint schemes for it’s superb U25C; Penn Central and the Louisville & Nashville. Click here for more details.


New Rivarossi GE U28C