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DCC Specialties PSX and Large Amp Current Draw

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Tony's Tips |

Hi Guys, I’m in O scale and I have several PSX’s. I noticed when I have a train running in one block and then switch on an occupied siding in the same block, the trip current is exceeded unless I have the PSX set to at least 7.62 amps (CV49=6). Both engines are recent and should be drawing below 2 amps each; there is also one caboose with incandescent lighting.

Does this seem normal? If so, is there something I could add to the circuit to prevent this behavior?

Robert: Yes, this is normal. When you first turn on an engine, there is a current surge while the electronics stabilize. The combination of an engine already running plus this surge exceeds the trip current setting of the PSX. Try setting CV55=1. This will insert a short delay before the breaker trips, sort of like a slow blow fuse. You can increase the delay by setting CV65=32 and get more delay by increasing the CV65 value by 8 (40, 48, 56, etc.) at a time. However, the default delay (CV65=24) is usually sufficient.