I have a simple question regarding the installation of both of the above add-on circuits to the PSX-AR by Don Fiehmann in the product manual and in your web site.

As far as I understand, these circuits could be installed between the DCC Input and DCC output connectors instead of from wires coming from the rails (as in the respective diagrams).

- If the above is true, can the connections on the block controlled by the PSX-AR be made at J2.1 and J2.2 or J2.5 and J2.6?

- If the above is true, can the connections on the block next to the PSX-AR be made at J10? J10 has a resistor or diode(?) in one of the terminals. Could you please tell me in which terminal would the only cable on this side be connected (J10-1 or J10-2)? Harry C.

Harry: You may use J2-1 and J2-2 or J2-5 and J2-6 for the connections to the block controlled by the PSX-AR. I would NOT recommend using J10 since this is designed as an LED connection, and won't work properly. The best location for the "block next to the PSX-AR" connections is J1-1 and J1-2 on the PSX-AR. This will give you the shortest possible wiring. The input to the PSX-AR is the same as the polarity of the "block next to the PSX-AR". You can just twist the switch control wires together with the incoming DCC wires and then insert the pair into the correct J1-1 or J1-2 connection.