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Adding SoundTraxx DCC Tsunami2 Sound Decoders To Atlas Modern Commuters

Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in Tony's Tips |

Atlas Model Railroad Company has recently released their Modern Commuter Trains in HO scale offering locomotives, coaches and cab cars for “push-pull” style operations. The cab car is a great opportunity to add a Tsunami SoundCar for Rolling Stock. We would also recommend the addition of a CurrentKeeper for “flicker-free” lighting and reliable operation of sound effects.

Pre-loaded with the proper K5LA airhorn, an Electronic bell and 4 lighting effects, the SoundCar can be configured to match the NJ Transit Bombardier multi-level cab cars in service on the East coast this very minute. We recommend the following products based upon knowledge of the model offered by Atlas:

Tsunami SoundCar for Rolling Stock (829100)
CurrentKeeper (810140)
TDS Mini SuperSonic Speaker & Enclosure