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Wiring PSX-AR Circuit Breaker Auto Reverser For Reverse Loop Crossover

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

We receive a lot of questions about PSX circuit breakers and PSX-AR circuit breaker auto reversers. The following diagram shows an oval loop with a reverse crossover.

Important Rules of Thumb for Reverse Sections

  1. The reverse section located between gaps 2 & 3 must be longer than your longest train.
  2. Each PSX and PSX-AR board must take power directly from the DCC booster.
    1. Note: each PSX on the DCC Power J1 input terminal allows you to daisy chain to the next PSX
  3. Make sure the isolating track gaps are offset by a 0.25 inches
  4. If a locomotive hesitates at the gaps, program the PSX controlling the track adjacent to the PSX-AR zone. In the above picture, PSX B controls the zone adjacent to the reversing zone
    1. cv55=1 initiating a 3ms delay.
    2. Test to see if the locomotive functions across the gaps.
    3. If locomotive still hesitates, set cv65=160 [20ms delay]
    4. If there is still a problem contact us or 800.978.3472