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Wiring PSX-AR Circuit Breaker Auto Reverser For Reverse Loop Crossover

Posted by on Mar 8, 2017 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

We receive a lot of questions about PSX circuit breakers and PSX-AR circuit breaker auto reversers. The following diagram shows an oval loop with a reverse crossover.

Important Rules of Thumb for Reverse Sections

  1. The reverse section located between gaps 2 & 3 must be longer than your longest train.
  2. Each PSX and PSX-AR board must take power directly from the DCC booster.
    1. Note: each PSX on the DCC Power J1 input terminal allows you to daisy chain to the next PSX
  3. Make sure the isolating track gaps are offset by 0.25 inches
  4. If a locomotive hesitates at the gaps, program the PSX controlling the track adjacent to the PSX-AR zone. In the above picture, PSX B controls the zone adjacent to the reversing zone
    1. cv55=1 initiating a 3ms delay.
    2. Test to see if the locomotive functions across the gaps.
    3. If locomotive still hesitates, set cv65=160 [20ms delay]
    4. If there is still a problem contact us or 800.978.3472