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Wiring A DCC Specialties PSX-AR for a Wye

Posted by on May 4, 2017 in Tony's Tips |

Hello, I currently have 4 PSX-AR devices controlling the reverse loops on my layout and I have just ordered the 5th from you. My plan for this one is to control a wye. I see the wiring diagram for one leg of the wye but does it also control the switch machine(s) so they are in the correct throw for the loco? I don’t see how they should be wired or if it is the same as for a reverse loop or if this device will not control the switch machines on a wye and simply changes the polarity. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you…..Dave V

David: In a wye configuration, the PSX-AR does not control the switches. The switches are controlled by the operator depending on the path that the operator wants to go through the wye. The wye may be approached on any of the three wye legs, and the switch settings depend on the approach and exit desired. The tail of the wye, the wye switch, and both cross switches are wired as if they were simply parallel tracks with sidings. The cross member of the wye then becomes the reverse loop. The cross member of the wye is feed by the output of the PSX-AR. You can (if you want) connect the two cross switches to the same switch motor, or give them both the same accessory address to get them to work together.