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Using Tsunami2 with SoundCar Decoder

Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Tips DCC Sound, Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips |

The Tsunami SoundCar decoder was designed as an interactive sound system for your rolling stock to complete the sounds made by the train as it passes by. Once the locos pass, the noises made by the train, wheel click, flange squeal, brake set and release, flat spots, refrigeration unit or small generator, etc. are all part of the ambiance that rail fans experience. SoundCar is not simply a sound clip playback device. The SoundCar is watching the DCC track signal for commands sent to the locomotive that it has been paired with (Using the Intelligent Consisting) and responds accordingly! Run the throttle up and the wheel clickety-clack rate increases to match the commanded speed. Set the F11 brakes on the loco, hear the brakes set and squeal. If the brake rates are set to match the locomotive, the squeal will stop in conjunction with the locomotive! Bonus!

Here’s where it gets fun with the new Tsunami2. The Tsunami2 has two brake rates: independent (locomotive brakes) and automatic (train brakes). The brakes are activated with F11 and the brake type is selected with F12. When switching about the yard and running light, the independent brakes are used. Once the train is built and road power is summoned, use Intelligent Consisting to tie the locomotive(s) to the train, then press F12 to enable the automatic train brakes. Release the F11 function, and you’ll hear the automatic brakes let off on the loco as well as the brake cylinders on the cars releasing as well. Activate F11 and you’ll hear the air pressure reduction in the locomotive and cars. Now apply the brakes and they all come to a stop in unison!

Here’s how to make it work:

  • set the values for momentum (CV 3 acceleration and CV 4 deceleration) the same as the locomotives.
  • Tsunami2 uses CV 117 for Independent braking rate and CV 118 for Automatic braking rate.
  • The SoundCar uses CV 61 for braking rate.
  • These all work the same: 1-127 are added to the value in CV 4 (deceleration), causing a longer stop time, and numbers 129-255 subtract from the value in CV 4 causing a quicker stop time.
  • Try setting CV 3 to 25, CV 4 to 75, CV 117 in the Tsunami2 to 178, and CV 118 in the Tsunami2 and CV 61 in the SoundCar to 50.
  • When shunting cars about with the independent brakes, the loco will stop more quickly when F11 is applied.
  • With F12 activated and the SoundCar(s) consisted, a press of F11 will stop the train more slowly, replicating the heavier train behind the loco.