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User Videos of the New Titan Q3 with HO RS3: May 21, 2013

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Matt F. has taken realistic videos of the new QSI Titan Q3 in ALCo 244.

Folks, Fresh from the cutting room floor, here are two clips of brand new (delivered August 1952) D&H RS-3 #4092, running the QSI Titan with the new Q3 emulation technology for ALCo 244. The smoothness of operation and the way the loco’s sound and load changes in response to quick throttle movements is impressive. Not to mention a very credible sounding 244 V-12.

In this video, I simply move from idle to notch three, and back to idle. You can see that the ALCo loads and accelerates much more quickly than the EMD did.

In this clip, I go from idle to notch 2, back to notch 1, then back to 2. I then go to idle, let the loco almost coast to a stop, then just goose notch 1. You can hear the way the prime mover really digs in on that last change.

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