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Updated QSI Steam Sound Files Finally! July 16, 2009

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Finally, 9 months after promised, QSI has released impressive updated steam sound files for the popular Quantum Revolution DC/DCC HO sound decoders.

Many new exclusive features have been added to provide super realistic chuff behavior and control to simulate the Throttle and Johnson Bar effects of a prototype locomotive. Also the SoP – “Sound of Power”™ – features have been updated to give the user more intervention and more pronounced load simulation.

Here is a brief description:

  • The new chuff relies on momentum being programmed into the decoder. We recommend setting a value of 30 into both CV 3 and 23 and a value of 15 into both CV 4 and 24
  • With the momentum programmed in when you throttle up, the higher you raise the throttle the more pronounced the labored chuff will be
  • With momentum programmed in when you throttle down as the loco slows to a stop listen for how the dynamic chuff dies down and the sound of the rod clank comes up
  • You can use F5 to put the locomotive into drift mode where the chuff virtually disappears and the rod clank volume increases simulating a loco coming down a hill at speed

If you would like to explore the details and realism further, here are 2 more tech notes that give all the details:

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