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Trix HO Big Boy with Sound: June 18, 2003

Posted by on Jan 9, 2014 in Locomotives, Tony's Tips | 1 comment

The encore run of the acclaimed Marklin-Trix Big Boy has arrived, ready to run on DCC with Sound and DC no Sound. The loco now includes an integrated DCC Load Compensated Decoder and Sound System developed by ESU. See pictures below :



The sound quality is comparable to Soundtraxx and Broadway Limited offerings, although the whistle is play back only and cannot be modulated. There are also realistic background sounds: chuff, brakes, injectots and
feed auger. The Load Compensated decoder provides precise smooth contol starting at Speed Step 1 in
the 128ss mode.

Function assignments are as follows:

F0: Lights
F1: Mute
F2: Whistle
F3: Bell
F4: Cab Light
F5: Injector
F6: Minimizes Starting/Braking delay
CV63: Sets Volume

Pricing as you woud expect is more than the 1st release due to the added DCC components. List: $865, Tony’s: $649.95.



We were surprized by the popularity of the first release. This was due to the loco’s exceptional performance and quality. The added DCC makes this a gem. If you have been dreaming of one, then now is the time!

    1 Comment

  1. I recently bought a Marklin big boy 34900 without sound. It has a working Delta decoder with 4 switches and I want to add a sound-only decoder with chuff volume linked to load.
    Is there such an animal, and can I get it from you?

    Thank you!


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