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Trains Longer Than a Reverse Loop

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

I have an OG-AR on a Wye. My trains are longer than the leg of the wye the OG-AR is wired to. Your  instructions say to cut  another set of gaps at both ends of the reverse sections in side of the original gap. The distance between these gaps and the original gaps should be about 1/2″. My question is, How do you wire the sections? Thanks for you help, Frank S



Hi Frank, you don’t wire them. They are dead. The extra gaps are only necessary if you use metal wheels. The problem is a metal wheel at each end of the wye can be on the reverse loop gap. This forms a short that the reverse loop can’t fix. With the extra dead track, a metal wheel can’t touch the “normal” rail and the reverse rail at the same time. The dead section is short enough that the engine can bridge it and thus trigger the reverser. If these dead sections cause a problem, you can connect them (each rail) through an 1157 automotive bulb to the adjacent “normal” track. This will supply power to the dead section, but will limit the short circuit current to around and amp and hence not cause a system short.