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Tony’s Has New SoundTraxx UK Econami Decoders

Posted by on Apr 14, 2017 in News |

The latest SoundTraxx Econami DCC Sound decoders feature British prototype steam and diesel locomotives. The UK specific Econami line includes 3 initial formats: the ECO-100, ECO-200, and ECO-21PNEM.  Equipped with several UK-specific features and totally new sound sets, these decoders create the experience customers have been missing and asking for at a value they have never seen!

Soundtraxx Econami ECO-21PNEM Decoder


Light GWR 2-6-2T
Light Prarie
Heavy LMS Stanier 8F
Medium BR Standard Class 5
Heavy LNER A4 Class
Medium BR Standard Class 4

Steam Whistles

GWR 2-6-2T No.4575 Main [F1] Festiniog Double Fairlie Main
GWR 2-6-2T No.4575 Shunt [F2] Festiniog Double Fairlie Shunt
Peckett 0-6-0T “Sir Gomer” 2-6-2T “Lyd” Main
Taction Engine Single Chime 2-6-2T “Lyd” Shunt
BR Standard Class 5
[4-6-0] No.73129
BR Standard Class 7
LMS Stanier 8F
[2-8-0] No. 48624
LNER Single Chime
BR Standard Class 4
[2-6-0] No.76079
SR Single-Chime with West County Short
S&DJR Class 7F
[2-8-0] No.53809
LNER A4 Class “Sir Nigel Gresley”

Diesel Sounds

Prime Mover

English Electric Class 20 Brush Traction Class 47
Brush Traction Class 31 Alstom Class 66/67
[EMD 710]
English Electric Class 37 BR Derby Class Light Weight DMU


Class 20 Front Class 37 Front
Class 20 Rear Class 37 rear
Class 31 Front Class 47 Front
Class 31 Rear Class 47 Rear
Class 31 Alternate BR Derby Class 108 “Iris”