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Titan Plug-In Upgrades For All Original QSI Factory Diesels: October 16, 2011

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Titan-SD PnP Upgrades For OEM Atlas, Proto 2000, BLI and Other Factory Installed Sound

Here is an opportunity for the over 300,000 purchasers of factory equipped QSI sound locomotives made by Atlas, Broadway Ltd, Proto 2000 and Intermountain to upgrade to the new advanced “TITAN” DC/DCC sound decoders. See TITAN feature list (external link).

Most of the original factory installed sound diesel locomotives used the same special format circuit board SD (small diesel), that was screw mounted to the chassis. For simple wiring there were 6 convenient mating plugs for all connections, see wiring diagram below. This facilitates and simplifies the circuit board replacements. Even modelers with limited skills will be able to do the circuit board substitution.





Examples of the QSI SD (small diesel) decoder installed in factory locomotives.

The ordering process and/or determining what specific sound files you need is straightforward. The Item ID includes the prefix Titan-SD followed by the sound file number that was used on the factory equipped locomotives. See the list below:


The Atlas SD24 P/N (ho111) designation is:

The Proto 2000 GP20 (ho130) designation is:

The numbers (hoXXX) designate the specific software ID for the original factory locomotives. The sound file number can also be determined by a read back of the decoder’s information by both DC and DCC users. See this and this document (both external PDF files).

Please note that the sound file numbers on the list below are for reference and correlation only. QSI Solutions will convert the numbers to the new Titan Sound Set IDs.

The Titan-SD DC/DCC replacement sound and power decoders will be available in late July or in early August. MSRP: $119.95.

Reference chart for determining the original sound file number of a factory sound equipped locomotives for replacement with a Titan-SD advanced decoder.

Model/Software # Loco Name/Type Mfg.
ho100 E7 1st Run(w/o/Mars)(Pot) BLI
ho100 E7 1st (w//Mars)(Pot) BLI
ho120 E7 1st (w/o/Mars)(Reed) BLI
ho119 E7 1st (w/Mars)(Reed) BLI
ho119 E7 2nd (w/Mars) (Reed) BLI
ho120 E7 2nd (w/o/Mar) (Reed) BLI
ho101 SW7/NW2 (All Pot) BLI
ho102 SD40 (Pot) BLI
ho103 Dash 8-40CW ATL
ho104 F7 w/o/Dynamic Brakes BLI
ho143 F7 w/Dynamic Brakes BLI
ho105 FM (w/Mars) ATL
ho106 FM (w/o/Mars ATL
ho107 E6 (w/Mars) (Pot) LLW
ho108 E6 (w/o/Mars) (Pot) LLW
ho110 F7 INT
ho111 SD24/26 ATL
ho112 GP9 LLW
ho113 RS 10 CHC
ho115 E3/E6 (w/Mars)(Pot) BLI
ho121 E3/E6 (w/Mars)(Reed) BLI
ho116 E3/E6 (w/o/Mars)(Pot) BLI
ho122 E3/E6 (w/o/Mars)(Reed) BLI
h0117 E8/E9 (w/Mars) BLI
h0118 E8/E9 (w/o/Mars) BLI
ho123 RS18 CHC
ho124 U28B/30B LLW
ho125 RSD-15 BLI
ho126 Dash 8-40BW ATL
ho127 B23-7 ATL
ho128 GE C30-7 BLI
ho129 MP-15DC ATL
ho130 GP20 LLW
ho131 AC6000 BLI
ho132 Dash 8-40CW (d.b.) ATL
ho133 SW8 LLW
ho134 SD40 (reed) BLI
ho135 E8/E9 (w/Mars) (Pot) LLW
ho136 E8/E9 (w/o/Mars) Pot) LLW
ho137 RS27 Alco LLW
ho139 NSWR 620/720 EUR
ho140 GP30 LLW

Small Diesel Wiring Diagram

Mars Light Version



Headlight Only Version



Ditch Light Version




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  1. Ok, I’m pretty ignorant to some of this tech stuff, I have an Atlas sd24, sound equipped that I kitbashed into a non turbocharged SD20, need a new sound chip say an sd9 to replace. Any suggestions

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