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The All-New TCS Wow Diesel EMD Sound Decoder!

Posted by on Jan 9, 2015 in News |

We have the awesome new TCS WOW Diesel Sound Decoders in Stock! 

Buy your TCS Wow Diesel sound decoders here.TCS_1533_wow101_diesel_emd-ka_for_feature

The highly anticipated, all-new TCS Wow Diesel Sound Decoder is a 6-function, 9-Pin JST, Keep-Alive™ included diesel sound decoder bringing the superior audio quality and operational performance of WOWSound to your diesel locomotive. Included are all of the amazing features from the WOWSteam including Audio Assist™, Realistic Braking, and Prototypical Operation. The available sound sets include the EMD 567, 645 and 710 prime movers, This is perfect for your early F-Series, and GP-Series locomotives up through modern day EMD Diesels. Pre-Order yours now so you will be the first to receive your WOW Diesel in late January!