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TCS Wow Steam in a Bachmann Vanderbilt Tender

Posted by on Feb 19, 2015 in Locomotives, Tips DCC Sound, Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips |

A customer of Tony’s was kind enough to share some pictures of his sound decoder project. Bob used the Train Control Systems [TCS] Wow Steam decoder and Keep Alive. Bob used a JST Harness  to connect the decoder to the Bachmann circuit board in the tender. He then neatly placed the TDS SuperSonic Mini speakers in the bottom of the tender which he drilled out

Hi, I just wanted to thank Erik for his advice on installing the TCS wow sound and SuperSonic mini speakers in the confines of the Bachmann Vandy tender connected to their Heavy Mountain. It sounds terrific and the motor control is great. Barely creeping at decoder speed step one right out of the box.
I also thought you might like to see the way I mounted the speakers and drilled the holes for sound in the tender, it seems to have worked out well.
Thanks again for the advice, and let me know what you think – Bob Emmott


Thank you Bob, we think it looks great and thank you for sharing. For more info about what Bob is doing you can visit him at Frog Angle




2-SS-Minis installed-in vandy tender-sm