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TCS Shipping New Motherboards and TCS WOW121 Diesels!

Posted by on Aug 4, 2015 in News |

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TCS has just announced shipment of the new TCS 1615 and 1616 motherboards that will accept the TCS WOW21 sound decoder. The new motherboards are designed to fit Athearn RTR and Genesis locomotives. Included on the boards are an integrated KA2 Keep Alive, a built-in 1.5v Regulator for use with the stock Athearn 1.5v bulbs and current limiting resistors for optional LED use.



TCS-1616 GEN-MB1 Motherboard for Genesis Locomotives Shown


The TCS WOW121 Diesel decoder has also been released. The new WOW Diesel now has 8 prime movers. In addition to the original four EMD Prime Movers TCS added the Alco 251, GE FDL16, and 2 versions of the 7FDL16. Also added are the GE “Whoop” compressor, Hancock Air Whistle, and an E-Bell. Click here for a full list of sounds on the TCS WOW Diesel.


WOW121 Diesel Shown

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