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Video Review TCS Diesel WOW Decoder Debut

Posted by on Jan 30, 2015 in News, Tony's TV |

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The long anticipated TCS Diesel WOW debuted at the 2015 Amherst Modelers Society show in Springfield, MA. Don Borden, member of the East Coast Santa Fe Modeler’s Club, has been beta testing the TCS Diesel WOW and was kind enough to demonstrate this new decoder for Tony’s Train Exchange the night before the show. Twelve of us gathered in our hotel suite on Friday night as Don went over the feature rich decoder.

The initial release of the Diesel WOW has five prime movers; EMD’s 567 with and without turbo, EMD’s 645 with and without turbo and EMD’s 3rd generation 710 primer mover. All are crisp and clear. Accessing the programming Audio Assist is easy; press the F8 button on your throttle four times. We were really interested in the WOW’s software feature allowing the user to calibrate and speed match multiple locomotives [possibly an entire fleet?] in a matter of a few minutes. Toggling between 40 different whistles requires you to only push the f9 button. Assigning lighting and sounds to different functions requires only a few simple keystrokes.¬†As a third generation decoder, sound and motor control are superb. We feel that the user friendliness and ease of programming make the WOW a stand out product.