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Stereo Speaker Locations and Suggestions:

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Now that there are stereo DC/DCC sound decoders, here are some suggestions for multiple speaker locations to utilize the stereo. Stereo noticeably enhances sound dimensionality and realism!

Take Advantage of the Stereo Sound!

When you hear the results you will want to incorporate the benefits and realism of stereo.

When you think about it there are many locomotives that can benefit from this new exciting technology. This is further simplified by the wide range of size and selections that we now offer (see the table).

Here are some HO locomotives that have a good possibility for installing stereo:

  • Many medium to large steam locos can have one speaker forward near the cylinders and another located aft.
  • Large diesels like the EMD, E6-9s, the Alco PAs and others are ideal and simple to do. Most of the dual prime movers can be easily separated.
  • Even many smaller “F” and “FA” units can be fitted with a Mini Oval near the cab and horns with the prime mover sound out back in the rear truck area. This also applies to some narrow body diesels like the GPs, SDs and some ALCOs.
  • Many of the larger electrics would be the same.

All these speakers and enclosures are available from TTE.

Speaker Item Descriptions
0.50″ Dia Speaker (13mm)
0.62″ Dia Speaker (16mm)
0.75″ Dia Speaker (20mm)
1.00″ Dia Speaker (26mm)
1.10″ Dia Speaker (28mm)
1.20″ Dia Speaker (30mm)
1.25″ Dia Speaker (32mm) QSI
1.50″ Dia Speaker (38mm)
2.00″ Dia Speaker (50MM)
2.50″ Dia Speaker
2.75″ Dia Speaker
Micro Oval Speaker(14X20MM)
Mini Oval Speaker (14X24MM)
Small Oval Speaker (16X35MM)
Med Oval Speaker (35X20MM)
Large Oval Speaker(30X40MM)
HighBase20MM SQ “H Speaker
HighBase1.06″DX0.56″H Speaker
HighBase1.10″DX0.44″H Speaker
HighBase1.22″DX0.62″H Speaker
HighBase1.57″DX0.57″H Speaker
HighBase1.77″DX0.81″H Speaker
HighBase2.07″DX0.94″H Speaker
High Perf 2.25″DX1.1″H  Speaker
High Perf 2.50″DX1.2″H  Speaker
High Perf 3.00″DX1.7″H  Speaker
High Perf 3.50″DX1.7″H  Speaker
High Perf 4.00″ DX1.9″H

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