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Special Installation Tools: May 26, 1999

Posted by on Jan 8, 2014 in Tips Decoders and Installations, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Both Stik Tak and Kapton Tape are indispensable tools for decoder installations.

The Stik Tak is a superior medium for fastening decoders, speakers and wires during the installation process. It has excellent adhesion but since it is non hardening items can always be adjusted for optimum fit. It also has other uses such as holding a screw at the end of a screw driver in tight areas. If you can’t find it we sell the blister pack for $5.00 it will last you for years.

The Kapton tape made by 3M is very thin, very strong, very adhesive and temperature resistant making it ideal for installations. See how we have used it in installations pictures that appear in the photo gallery. It is very expensive, $24.00 a roll, but will last forever. If you are unable to find it from your suppliers We can send it to you.


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