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SoundTraxx Tsunami2 New Union Pacific Gas Turbine Coming

Posted by on Aug 8, 2017 in News |

SoundTraxx has announced the in-process development of the Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive (GTEL) sound set for the Tsunami2 product line! Some highlights include:

  • Less Whine. More Thunder! SoundTraxx collaborated with locomotive maintenance and operating staff from the Union Pacific Railroad who worked with the Turbines to develop the most accurate turbine sounds
  • Pre-loaded sounds for the “Slab-side”, “Veranda”, “Big-Blow A”, and “Big-Blow B” units – simply change one CV
  • Brand new Cooper-Bessemer hostler motor for the “Big-Blow A” unit
  • Dynamic Digital Exhaust – Run your train, not your throttle!
  • These features are in addition to all of the already included features and sounds found within the Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoder line.

The GTEL Turbine sound set will be added to all Baldwin and Other Diesel Tsunami2 decoders. It will not be released as a separate part number, rather as an update to the existing sound set. The updated decoders will be clearly marked with a brightly colored sticker announcing the additions.

SoundTraxx is planning to release this new addition to their product line in early fall and is┬ástill working out the final details of the GTEL Turbine sound set. Tony’s expects to have more information later this month. Stay tuned to our website, Facebook page and this newsletter for updates!