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SoundTraxx Tsunami2 DCC Sound Decoders with Athearn Genesis SD70 Series Locomotives

Posted by on Jun 20, 2017 in Tony's Tips |

Athearn has released new paint schemes and updated tooling for their Genesis Series SD70 locomotives in HO scale. With SD70M, SD75 and SD70I versions in popular road names such as UP, BNSF, CN & NS these models represent the “work-a-day” fleet of modern railroads.

A board replacement PNP format decoder can easily be fitted in place of the factory installed light board and space is provided for a speaker from the factory. With support for 1.5 Volt bulbs built right into the SoundTraxx PNP format decoders, there’s no need to add voltage dropping resistors when using the factory installed lighting. This combination makes installing a Tsunami2 or Econami decoder a breeze. We recommend the following products for this model:

TSU-PNP for EMD Diesels 885013
ECO-PNP for Diesels 882004
28mm (1.1″) Round Speaker