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Install SoundTraxx Tsunami2 DCC Decoder & Intermountain Railway Co. GE ES44AC GEVO

Posted by on Jun 16, 2017 in News, Tony's Tips |

Earlier this year InterMountain Railway Company released another run of the General Electric ES44AC and ES44DC locomotives in HO scale. These popular locomotives can be found in operation on every major Class I railroad in North America. The prototype locomotives are equipped with a GEVO G-12 series prime mover along with Nathan “K” series air horns. All of the appropriate sounds, along with the proper electronic bell and “GEVO” series air compressor, can be found within the Tsunami2 product line.

Intermountain Railway Co. General Electric ES44AC GEVO

Intermountain Railway Co. General Electric ES44AC GEVO

Equipped with a 21-pin NEM motherboard, installation of a Tsunami2 TSU-21PNEM Digital Sound Decoder straight forward. Simply remove the factory supplied jumper board, plug in the decoder and solder (or locate a 2-pin 1.5mm “JST” type harness to match the connector) two wires from the motherboard to the speaker. We install two of our TDS Super Mini Sugar Cube speakers in parallel for best sound quality.

Tsunami2 21PNEM Decoder

We would recommend the following products for this installation:
TSU-21PNEM for GE Diesels (885010)
Two TDS SuperMini Sugar Cube Speakers & Enclosures

TDS SuperSonic Mini Enclosure Speaker