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Soundtraxx Tsunami Worksheet: December 5, 2005

Posted by on Jan 27, 2014 in Tips DCC Sound, Tony's Tips | 0 comments

Thanks to Bob Collett for developing this worksheet to help expedite your Tsunami learning curve!

Update – January 6, 2006

After having installed several Tsunami Sound Decoders, and demonstrated the Tsunami in an analog (DC) environment for friends who have not yet converted to DCC, I have revised some of the recommended numbers in my worksheet. In an analog environment I have found that CV’s 193/194, Bell On and Off Set Points; CV 195, Grade Crossing Whistle Sensitivity; and CV 62, Analog Mode Motor Start Voltage all need to be customized to the specific DC Power Pack being used.

CV 62 is labeled “Transponding Control”, and CV 63 is not listed in Technical Reference Manual. A call to Soundtraxx resulted in directions to use CV 62 as “Analog Motor Start Voltage CV, and to use CV 63 as “Analog Mode Maximum Motor Voltage” even though there is no CV63 listed.


Whenever I put a new decoder in an engine, I use a work sheet to keep track of default values for CV’s, and also the new settings that I change them to in order to get better performance. The Tsunami is so rich in function that the list of CVs is extensive and until you read both the Users Manual and Technical Manual several times it can be overwhelming.

Appendix B of the Users Manual has a complete list of all the CVs, but not the default values. The Technical reference does have the defaults. I downloaded and went through the manuals, and then put an Excel spreadsheet together to include all of the CVs that are needed for configuration and operation. I have listed all of the default values and put in two columns for you to enter your own values as you change the CV values to realize the very rich function that is available. I have also entered some of the appropriate values to run analog (DC).

Attached you will find a copy of the spreadsheet to that I use to keep track of what I have done/will do for each engine with a Tsunami decoder.

Feel free to share this with your guys and customers.

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