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Santa Fe 3800 Class 2-10-2 Info for BLI: September 9, 2004

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Several avid ATSF fans assembled the following info to correlate forthcomming BLI offerings with the actual protypes used.

Santa Fe 3800 Class 2-10-2 Photograph Index / Locomotive Characteristics for the First Release of the Broadway Limited model of the SF 3800 Class 2-10-2

This spreadsheet is a combination of the Cajon Pass photo index created by Mike Davis and the assistance of many other modelers, and a review of each listed photograph of the 2-10-2 locomotive.

The purpose of this study is to identify what locomotives, dates, and locations actually match the BLI first release of their 3800 Class 2-10-2. Those which match the model are noted yellow. The loco numbers highlighted in Yellow with individual cells highlighted in light grey are BLI models, which can be easily modified to match the prototype. This would include things such as smoke deflector (note: this detail is not currently available for SF models), feed water pump, and/or trailing truck. Locomotive features, which require major modifications, such as drifting valves, sport cab, disc main driver and lightweight rods, should be the subject of a possible second release from BLI. The BLI 1st release 2-10-2 numbered models are those highlighted in red.

The tender variations in this index include both coal and oil, and include four (4) observed tender variations. In the coal tenders, there are both the 20K and the 15K w/ both the straight coal boards and the slanted coal boards. The coalboards variations will not be included. However, the 20K coal tenders will be noted by labeling it as a coal tender with an “x” in the 20K column. It there is no “x” in either tender column then it is a 15K tender, either oil or coal.

Where only one side of a locomotive can be documented and characteristics such as the type of feed water pump can not be viewed, this aspect on the spreadsheet was left blank. Where dates are noted in the reference material, they are included.

References to photographs – date, book/magazine, page:

1948 Neg: Jack Whitmeyer Collection
1950 C1, 24: Railroading Through Cajon Pass – C Walker, page 24, photo from 1950
C2: Railroad Passage to the Pacific – C Walker
1946 C3, 99: Cajon Pass Pictorial – C Walker, page 99, photo from 1946
CSFC: Santa Fe Calendar – Cedco
Duke: Santa Fe— The Railroad Gateway to the American West – D Duke
EDD: Early Diesel Daze – J McCall
HI J/F74: High Iron, Jan/Feb 1974
HSF: Homage to the Santa Fe – M Armatige
IH: Iron Horses of the Santa Fe Trail – E Worley
IHAW: Iron Horses at War – Vale
LQ V1#4: Locomotive Quarterly, Volume 1 number 4
MR 10/89: Model Railroader, Oct 1998
Raton Pass: Santa Fe’s Raton Pass – J Harper
SFATW: Santa Fe all the way – B Marvel
SFBT: Santa Fe’s Big Three – S Farrington
SFEPT: Santa Fe Engine Picture Taker – W Gibson
SF Heritage: Santa Fe Heritage, Volume 1 to 3 – S & C Priest
SFIC: Santa Fe in Color Volumne 1 to 4 – L Stagner
SFIK: Santa Fe Steam Finale in Kansas – L Stagner
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SFIW,CRA#23: Santa Fe in the Intermountain West, Colorado Rail Annual, #23
SFM V15#4: Santa Fe Modeler, Volume 15 number 4
SFR V3#2: Santa Fe Route, Volume 3 issue 2
SFRBE: Santa Fe: The railroad that built an empire – J Marshall
SFR,RA,V4: The Santa Fe Route, Railroads of Arizona, Volume 4
SFR-RCH: Santa Fe Railway – Railroad Color History – S Glischinski
SFS: Santa Fe Steam Calendar – Whistle Stop Publications
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Tehachapi: SPSF Tehachapi – J Signor
Trains: Trains magazine – Kalmbach
WB 4Q03, 33: The Warbonnet, fourth quarter 2003, page 33
1930 OP-1033 Otto Perry Collection, Denver Public Library


Credits: Mike Davis, Glen Mills, Robin Kerr and Don Borden

Santa Fe Steam Engine Configuration Chart 3800 Class 2-10-2

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