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Reverser’s and Detection Units

Posted by on Dec 2, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |


DCC Specialties OnGuard-AR


I have a tech question, please — On my DCC layout, I’m replacing another vendor’s auto-reversers (they weren’t reliable) with OG-AR units on a couple of reversing loops. No problem, except that I want to incorporate my existing (Chubb) C/MRI DCCOD occupancy detectors in the arrangement. These are an induction-coil type of circuit board, so that track power has no direct connection in the detection circuitry.

Do I wire the AR’s between the DCC buss and the occupancy detectors, or between the occupancy detectors and the rails? Thanks in advance for your help.  Rob

You should wire the DCC bus to the OG-AR  and then the OG-AR to the detector then the detector to the track. If the detector has no connection to the track, the OG-AR switching the polarity should have no effect on the detector.