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Reset A PSX-AR with Digitrax

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

Ever feel that you’re lost and need to reset your PSX-AR unit? Here’s the exact procedure to restore to factory defaults with your Digitrax DCC system. Also included is how to assign the address for controlling a turnout with the PSX-AR.


  1. Make sure you have installed the Digitrax configuration jumper J7-3 to J7-4
  2. Turn off the DCS51, connect the PSX-AR, and move the program jumper to program
  3. Turn on the DCS51 or other Digitrax System
  4. You will see D6 flash; hopefully long/short, but this is not critical
  5. Press PROG MODE until you see OPS displayed
  6. Press STEPS CV, you see o001 (number may be different)
  7. Press 63 then CV and see d000 (number may be different)
  8. Press 42 then CV-WR
  9. Make sure you see D6 flash
  10. You are now reset
  11. Press EXIT
  12. Press SWITCH and the address you want (e.g. 100)
  13. Press either t or c
  14. Make sure you see D6 flash
  15. The switch control will be at the address you used (e.g. 100) plus 2 (e.g. 102)
  16. Turn of track power and place the jumper back to normal
  17. Turn on track power. The PSX should turn on (c) and off (t) at the switch address you programmed
  18. The switch control should operate (t/c) at the address you programmed plus 2