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PSX FB Feed Back and Digitrax Loconet for JMRI PanelPro

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

I’m somewhat befuddled on how to wire the PSX-ARSCFB to the Digitrax Loconet for the feed back feature. Our club layout has the BDL168s & PM42s and detection is set up for use with JMRI PanelPro. We have a panel set up and I need to understand how to wire the PSX-ARSCFB Network Feedback to be able to include it on our panel. I assume if the unit sends feedback, ┬áthere should be a sensor number available to indicate there is something being detected on the section the PSX-AR is monitoring. Where/what does the feedback wires connect to in the loconet to give the feedback to PanelPro.

To possibly answer my own question… would those 2 wires J4 – J6 be connected to any available inputs ( ie. 1 to 16 ) on the BDl168 detection unit?
Also, are there sensor numbers assigned to the outputs for detection for use on the panels in PanelPro?? Or is there a formula that is available to determine the sensor number for input to the sensor table in PanelPro. Thanks in advance for any help………..Mike O

Mike: The feedback is simply an isolated transistor output. It is designed to interface to a DS64 sensor input in order to place the data on to the LocoNet bus. Once on the LocoNet, the status can be picked up by the PanelPro software. The feedback is done this way so that it is compatible with all major systems; the major systems all have an interface to the cab bus (which is proprietary to each system). In the case of Digitrax, the cab bus is LocoNet and the interface is the DS64.