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PSX Circuit Breaker with FREMO Modules

Posted by on May 10, 2016 in Tony's Tips |


I am building modules (Freemo N), that can be connected either end. If I wire red & black power in from the “A” end to J1-3/4, red & black power in from the”B” end to J1-1/2 and J2-1/2 to the track in the module, I can see how power and signal in from the \”A\” end would enable the PSX-1 to work as designed. However, if the module is flipped such that power and signal come in from the \”B\” end, what happens? It would be a pain to have to swap J1-3/4 and J1-1/2 connections every time a module got flipped … Not a problem at home, but a headache at a show. Is there a simple way to switch? Obviously, I am very weak at electronics.

BTW, thank you for providing the PSX-1 instructions on your website so that I can virtually “test drive” it!————–Rob

Rob: You are correct. When you turn the module 180 degrees, you also reverse the polarity. You have two possible solutions. You can use a double pole double throw switch in the PSX output that has a “Module Forward” and a “Module Reversed” position wired to swap the output wires OR you could use a PSX-AR which will automatically swap the polarity if the module is installed in the reverse direction. It will reverse the first time a train is run, and then hold that polarity unless power is lost to the layout.