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PSX-AR Funtionality Test

Posted by on Jun 11, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |


The following tests the functionality of your PSX-AR. If you are using the PSX-AR unit on a Digitrax system, make sure you have the the Special Digitrax Configuration Enabled by jumping J7-3 to J7-4.

  1. Remove the PSX-AR from the layout and connect it directly to the booster.
  2. Turn on the booster. The PSX should turn on with both D12 and D7 indicating power and D6 off.
  3. Take a piece of wire and connect J1-1 to J2-3. Nothing should change.
  4. Connect J1-1 to J2-4. The PSX should reverse and D6 should be slowly flashing with D12 and D7 indicating power.
  5. Connect J1-1 to J2-3. The PSX should “unreverse”. D6 should stopflashing, but D12 and D7 should remain on.
  6. Repeat this test except connect J1-2 to J2-4. D12 and D7 should remain on, and D6 should be off.
  7. Connect J1-2 to J2-3. The PSX should reverse. D12 and D7 are on, with D6 slowly flashing.
  8. Now connect J1-2 to J2-4. The PSX should again “unreverse” leaving D12 and D7 on and D6 off.

If the PSX performs this test as described, then it is working correctly.