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PSX-AR Pushbutton Turnout Control

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |

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DCC Guru Larry Maier shines some light on turnout control.

Hi guys. I have your PSX-ARSC, and it worked great on a loop of my layout from 6 years ago. I now have a new layout with a wye to turn locomotives. I want to have manual turnout control on the PSX-AR leg to manually flip the points after a loco drives onto that short tail track of the wye.

In your updated instructions on your website, your pushbutton control directions say it takes 3 wires and 2 pushbuttons. However, your diagram shows 4 wires (or maybe 2, depending on how I read it), but I don’t see 3 wires. Before I start experimenting and risk blowing something up, would you tell me if the diagram is correct, as it shows no wires coming off one rail, 2 wires coming off the other rail, one going through each pushbutton, and then on to each rail of the PSX-ARSC-controlled track of the wye. Thanks in advance.
Ken S……….Phoenix, AZ


Ken, the diagram is correct, although I can see that how to count the wires may be up for grabs. To clarify: Take your two push buttons and connect one terminal on each to J1-1. This could count as one or two wires. Pick one of the push buttons. Connect the remaining terminal to J2-3. This button will set the “normal” route. Connect the last free push button terminal to J2-4. This will control the “reverse” route. Done. Note that you can also throw the switch using a DCC command.