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DCC Specialties PSX Circuit Breaker and Digitrax AR1 Compatibility

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Product Compare, Tony's Tips |

The Digitrax AR-1s are very slow because they are a mechanical relay, and hence keep the reverse short on the layout for an electrically long time. The PSX is fast, so it trips first. The best solution is to switch the AR-1s to PSX-ARs. Since the PSX-AR is a breaker AND a reverser, you can run it directly from the booster and still have short circuit protection AND reversing capability.

The next possible solution is institute a delay in the PSX trip time.
  1. Set CV55 to 1; CV55 tells the PSX to initiate a delay before tripping. Remember that this will prolong the short on the layout.
  2. Try setting CV65 to 160. CV65 tells the PSX how long to delay in 1/8 ms increments. A value of 160 will delay the PSX by 20 ms, which is most likely to work.

You can set CV65 as high as 255, but the ideal value is the smallest number that consistently allows the AR-1s to work without interference.

NOTE: If you are using the PSX with a Digitrax system, we recommend that you install a jumper from J7-3 to J7-4. This allows the PSX to work with the known properties of the Digitrax booster to help it start the maximum number of sound loads.