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Program the PSX delay for Digitrax

Posted by on Aug 7, 2015 in Tips DCC Components, Tony's Tips |



  1. Make sure the programming jumper is on J3, and the normal position is connecting J3-2 to J3-3.
  2. To place the PSX in the program mode, move the J3 jumper so that it is connecting J3-1 and J3-2. When you turn the PSX on, it will now flash the software version code. Leave the jumper installed J7-3 to J7-4. This sets the PSX to work optimally with Digitrax systems.

Programming: You do not need to give the PSX an address in order to program it. To program CVs, you use Program on the Main mode. This mode wants an address because of the way the POM format works. So when the system asks for an address while programming, you can use any address not on the layout. 9900 is usually a safe choice.

  1. Turn on your system and turn on track power.
  2. Press LOCO and use the left hand knob to select 9900 (or any other address you like).
  3. Hit ENTER.
  4. Move the J3 jumper to connect J3-1 to J3-2.
  5. Now connect the PSX to the booster output (or clip lead it to the track, etc.).
  6. Press PROG until you see in the bottom center of the display Po (You may see P6, Ph, Pd).
  7. Now turn the left knob until you see 055=???.
  8. Turn the right knob until you see 055=001.
  9. Press ENTER. You should see D6 flash.
  10. Disconnect the PSX from the booster and move the J3 jumper to connect J3-2 to J3-3.

CV55 is now set to 1 and there should be enough delay that moving the engine off/on the track does not trip the breaker. If you want to set CV65, follow the same procedure, except the display would be 065=??? where you use the right knob to set ??? to the value you want (default is 24, so it should be greater than 24). When you are all done, press EXIT to return the system to normal operation. These instructions assume you are using a DT400 throttle.