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Walthers Shinohara HO Code 83 No 6 Three-Way Turnout, 948-8808


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MSRP: $69.98


Walthers Shinohara Track

Item #948-8808
Code 83 Nickel Silver DCC Friendly #6 3-Way Turnout

Features electrically isolated frogs and points to eliminate polarity problems that may cause short circuits when decoder-equipped locos or cars with metal wheels enter the turnout.

Fully assembled with:

  • Pre-Wired Jumper
  • Isolated Frog with Built-in Connection (an access point allows you to convert to a live frog if desired)
  • Powered Points with Correct Polarity
  • Point Clearance Gaps to Prevent Short Circuits From Metal Wheelsets
  • Insulated Tie Bar
  • Tab Reinforcement to Hold Points More Securely
  • Option to Power Frog Through Switch Machines



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