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Walthers Shinohara HO Code 83 No 6 Double Crossover, 948-8812


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Sold Out at Walthers.
Shinohara is no longer
in business.

MSRP: $99.99


*After Speaking with Walthers on 5/16/18 we have learned that Shinohara has retired their business. Walthers is hopeful that someone else might pick up the torch, but as of this time Shinohara is no longer producing any track pieces and we are no longer able to procure any of their products. We will post if this changes and be glad to offer the line again if it becomes available. 

Walthers Shinohara Code 83 Nickel Silver, DCC Friendly #6 Double Crossover

Item #948-8812

Features electrically isolated frogs and points to eliminate polarity problems that may cause short circuits when decoder-equipped locos or cars with metal wheels enter the turnout.

Fully assembled with:

  • Pre-Wired Jumper
  • Isolated Frog with Built-in Connection (an access point allows you to convert to a live frog if desired)
  • Powered Points with Correct Polarity
  • Point Clearance Gaps to Prevent Short Circuits From Metal Wheelsets
  • Insulated Tie Bar
  • Tab Reinforcement to Hold Points More Securely
  • Option to Power Frog Through Switch Machines



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