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Ulrich Models – Decoder Tester


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Product Description

This is the same decoder tester that has been featured in several publications and videos. It has many handy uses. When coupled with the Decoder Easy Clip Harness and the 9-pin Quick Connect harness, there is virtually nothing that can’t be easily interfaced to the tester. Just clip the power leads to your track or DCC system output and the decoder is powered up.

  • Made in the USA
  • Easy-to-use Spring Clips for direct wire decoders (8 leads).
  • Socket for decoders with Med DCC plug or Integrated Decoders on a board (example DN143IP)
  • LEDs to indicate motor direction and function outputs
  • Current limiting resistor (jumper) to limit current and maximize protection
  • Not a kit. ready to go out of the box.
  • Verify decoder outputs including motor.
  • Check function outputs
  • Program FX lighting effects – A great way to experiment without the complication of using a locomotive
  • Remap function keys and check the results.
  • Use to check and program sound decoders with attached speaker .