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Traintek AUX-BOX HC DCC Appliance w/High Current Switches


MSRP: $154.95

Product Description

Aux-Box Review

The AUX-BOX operates just like a Stationary/Accessory Decoder, only it does not have a voltage output. Instead, it allows you to provide your own external voltage specific to your accessory just like you would with a regular old fashioned toggle switch. Instead of having all of those pesky toggle switches all over your layout fascia, wire your accessories through the AUX-BOX and then turn them on and off right from your DCC throttle!

The AUX-BOX HC has eight (8) 3 Amp and four (4) 8 Amp built in solid state electronic switches so there are no annoying relay clicks or contacts to burn out. Each switch can be given its own stationary decoder address or you can even control multiple switches with the same address. Gang up the switches by setting a few CVs and create your own SPDT or even a DPDT switch!

The high current rating of the AUX-BOX and AUX-BOX HC make it easy to turn staging track power on or off so unused sound locomotives aren’t using up valuable booster power needed to run trains.


  • Connects to DCC Power Buss to power processor and receive DCC Commands.
  • Processor Current Draw is 75mA.
  • Eight (8) 3 Amp Solid State Electronic Switches.
  • Four (4) 8 Amp Solid State Electronic Switches.
  • Power LED indicates DCC control power present.
  • Switch LEDs indicate on/off status.
  • All Switches are turned on/off by any DCC System that supports stationary decoder addresses.
  • Supports Stationary Decoder Address Range of 1 – 2044.
  • May be used to switch AC or DC loads up to 30 Volts.
  • Set Screw Terminal Blocks accept wire sizes 26awg – 16awg (3 Amp), 20awg – 14awg (8 Amp)
  • All switches are opto-isolated from DCC controller to prevent sneak short circuits.
  • Connections for two (2) external Opto Sensors (Photo Cells) to automate switching actions.
  • DCC Controller Processor is Software Upgradeable for future improvements.
  • Switches may be programmed by CV to perform several operations such as On/Off, Flash, Alternating Flash between Two Switches.
  • Address may be programmed to control multiple switches at once.
  • Create your own set of multi-pole switches such as a SPDT or DPDT with a few simple CVs.
  • Dimensions:  7.45” W x 6.75” H  (189.23mm x 171.45mm)
  • 1 Year Warranty

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