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Team Digital MotoD Satellite Motor Driver


MSRP: $23.95

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The MotoD is capable of driving four low current Tortoise™ motors for switch machine applications. A Team Digital SRC16is required to control and provide voltage to the MotoD. Up to four MotoDs can be connected to a single SRC16. This means the SRC16 could control up to 16 Tortoise™ motor switch machines.

The MotoD allows stall motors to be driven with a higher voltage than the 5 volts available from the SRC16 outputs. The MotoD output voltage is adjustable via the SRC16.

Package includes two MotoD boards

Board size: 2.0″ X 7/8″

The MotoD can not drive the SwitchMaster, Scale Shops, Switch Tender, Tillig or Fulgurex motors. May drive the Cobalt but not recommended.

Caution: Slow motion does not necessarily mean stall. A stall motor means it can stall (stop moving with power applied) and not draw a lot of current. The Tortoise™ is sort of the “standard”. The Cobalt requires twice as much current as the Tortoise™.


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