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TDS SuperSonic Small 18 x 13 mm Speaker Enclosure [Sugar Cube]


MSRP: 12.95


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Internal Dimensions:  18mm x 13mm x 7.8mm H
External Dimensions:  20mm x 15mm x 9.5mm H

The TDS SuperSonic Small Enclosure is a perfect match for your TDS SuperSonic Small Speaker. This enclosure enables these super compact speakers to produce impressively big sound. Your speaker will fit snugly inside and the compact size will allow you to use these speakers and enclosures in the tight confines of locomotives where other speakers just will not fit!

Almost 15 years have passed and we’re replacing the venerable Micro and Mini oval speakers. After many months of extensive testing, our new SuperSonic Mini [15*11mm] and Small [18*13mm] speakers are ready for release. We also have matching, precision machine engineered enclosures. These speakers are a significant improvement in sound quality over their predecessors, are about 35% smaller and best of all, will come at a lower price point. The Supersonic Micro [16*9mm] will hopefully be ready for release this 1st half of 2015.

The SuperSonics compare MUCH better than the mini & micro oval. It is important to note, however, that this is ONLY true if you mount the SuperSonics face DOWN in the enclosure (i.e. with the electrical connections exposed on top). If you mount it with the electrical connections INSIDE the enclosure, the performance of the SuperSonic degrades significantly. For example, the distortion decreases from over 16 % to 4.8% with the connections exposed on top. The speakers also gain an octave of frequency response! Since most people will tend to place the wires inside, we will would include a drawing/picture that shows the speaker mounted with the wires on top.

*PLEASE NOTE: These enclosures are engineered to allow you the option of reducing their depth in order to accommodate the tighter confines in your locomotive or other installation project.

Internal Dimensions:  18mm x 13mm x 7.8mm H
External Dimensions:  20mm x 15mm x 9.5mm H


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