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TCS 1332 K0D8-A Decoder For Kato N Scale Locomotives


MSRP: $48.95


The K0D8-A is a drop-in decoder for Kato N Scale engines: ALCO PA1, E8A, E9A, and P42 Genesis. It has 8 functions with built-in onboard resistor for LED’s, 2 onboard superbright, Golden White LED’s with long leads. Note: Four of the functions (F1-F4) have onboard resistors for LED’s and 1.5v bulbs. The remaining two hardwire functions (F5-F6) output at 12v and will need external resistors if you plan to use LED’s or 1.5v bulbs. Included is our auto-adjusting BEMF for outstanding slow speed performance and hassle free set up. Also includes Quiet Drive for super quiet engine performance.


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