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TCS 1770 WOWKit WDK-ATH-3 for Athearn HO Genesis Diesels


MSRP: $144.95


New from TCS, each WOWKit is a total DCC sound conversion solution which includes all of the components necessary to convert your engine to WOWSound with a built-in Keep-Alive™.

The WOWKit WDK-ATH-3  is specifically for these Athearn Genesis Locomotives:

  • EMD F2, F3, F7, F9
  • EMD FP7
  • EMD F45
  • EMD FP45
  • EMD SD45
  • EMD SD45-2
  • EMD SD70i
  • EMD SD70M
  • EMD SD70M-2
  • EMD SD75i
  • EMD SD75M

TCS Item # 1770

Purchasing these various items in a single kit provides you an economical price and assures you’ll have everything you need for your install. This WOWKit makes for a simple and easy installation so organized and clean it makes everyone look like a professional! Each WOWKit has up-to-date installation pictures on our web site which will guide you confidently through the installation process.

Included in this WOWKit:

  • 1 x WOW121-Diesel Decoder with 9 prime movers and counting
  • 1 x GEN-MB1 WOWMotherboard with a built-in Keep-Alive™
  • 1 x 35mm x 16mm WOWSpeaker (with speaker wires)
  • 1 x UNIV-SH1-C Speaker Housing

*A Soldering Iron, Solder, and Tape (for mounting) are required for installation, but are NOT included.


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