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TCS 1619 IB-MB1-NC Motherboard for Intermountain & Bowser Locos, with Solder Pads


MSRP: $49.95


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The TCS IB-MB1-NC motherboard is designed to replace the DCC decoder found in DCC equipped Intermountain and Bowser diesel locomotives. Created to fit the Intermountain ES44 as well as the Bowser S12, the IB-MB1 will fit a wide array of other locomotives. However, it will require comparing the original decoder as there are a few styles of Intermountain/Bowser frames which look very similar. Included on this motherboard is a KA2 Keep-Alive™ for smooth operation over troublesome tracks. Pair with a WOW121 for unparallelled sound and interruption free performance.

  • TCS Item Number: 1619
  • This Motherboard Configured With Solder Pads
  • Shipping Weight: 1 oz.

*NOTE: this product does not function without a 21 pin decoder. Currently the TCS-1527 WOW121 21 pin decoder has EMD, GE, & ALCo sound files. 


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