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TCS 1527 WOW121 Diesel Sound Decoder


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Watch Our Video Demonstration of This Decoder

TCS Diesel WOW EMD 567 in F7A-B Lashup

TCS Diesel Wow & Athearn Genesis GP15-1

This exciting new 6-function, 21-Pin, Plugin diesel sound decoder brings the superior audio quality and operational performance of WOWSound to your diesel locomotive. Included are all of the amazing features from the WOWSteam including Audio Assist™, Realistic Braking, and Prototypical Operation. You will be able to choose from sound files for the EMD 567, 645 and 710 motors. In addition to the four EMD Prime Movers, TCS has added the Alco 244, 251, GE FDL16, and 2 versions of the 7FDL16. Also added are the GE “Whoop” compressor, Hancock Air Whistle, and an E-Bell. Click here for a full list of sounds on the TCS WOW Diesel.

Dimensions: 1.28″ x .69″ x .22″ or 32.5mm x 17.5mm x 5.6mm

TCS Motherboards for WOW121


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