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Soundtraxx Tsunami2, TSU-1100, 885004 Baldwin Sound Decoder


MSRP: $129.95


The GenSet sound, along with the recently announced Gas Turbine Electric (GTEL) sounds will be added to all Baldwin and Other Diesel Tsunami2 decoders. Delivery is planned for late September 2017. Please note in the cart your desire for either the GTEL Turbine or GenSet.  

Our current Baldwin and Other Diesel decoders do not have these sounds. All updated decoders will be clearly marked with a brightly colored sticker on the packaging.

SoundTraxx Tsunami2, 885004 TSU-1100 One Amp Sound Decoder For Baldwin & Other Diesels

The TSU-1100 is a universal-style, 1 Amp sound decoder with 4 function outputs. This decoder is ideal for many HO scale models and N-scale locomotives. The TSU-1100 comes in four diesel versions, one steam version and one electric version.

Baldwin and Other Sound Selections

Model TSU-1100 Specifications

Motor Stall Current:      1A Maximum
Dimensions:                    27 x 10.5 x 5mm
Function Outputs:          4
Function Current:           100mA (each output)
Audio Amplifier:              1 Watt, 8 ohm load
DCC Track Voltage:         7.5V – 22V

The new Tsunami2 features a 32-bit processor that provides the necessary horsepower needed to support 28 functions, 16 polyphonic sound channels, tons of sound and lighting effects, advanced motor control and measures just 27mm x 10.5mm x 5mm!

Big Features!

Tsunami2 Steam decoders can produce over 50 sound effects! The impressive built-in sound library includes 12 bells, over 60 whistles, 10 air pumps, 8 dynamos, 10 exhaust chuffs, snifter valve, injectors, Johnson Bar, power reverse, firebox blower, side rod clank, brake squeal, and more.

The adjustable steam cutoff is guaranteed to make you feel like you are in the cab and in control! Drop into Drift Mode and listen to the rod clank and valve packing effects.

Fireman Fred has a few new things up his sleeve as well, as he works to keep the locomotive in prime operating condition. Selectable fuel loading makes models sound as they should, from hand-shoveled steam engines, to oil-burners, to those equipped with augers, to wood being stacked.

Tsunami2’s reactive DDE automatically adjusts the speed, timbre and volume of the exhaust as your engine works harder while Hyperdrive2™ technology results in smooth and precise locomotive operation, even at super-slow speeds. The switching mode will add a new level of realism for those whose primary ‘fun’ is in the running!


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