Soundtraxx Econami™ UK 882102, ECO-200, 6 Function, Diesel UK Digital Sound Decoder

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See All SoundTraxx Tsunami2 Decoders Soundtraxx Econami™ Universal Kingdom 882102, ECO-200, 6 Function, Diesel UK Sound Decoder Diesel Users_Guide Diesel Sound Selections Econami-Diesel-Tech-Reference Introducing the best value and most accurate new UK sound decoders on the market for both steam and diesel locomotives. These budget-friendly solutions pack a big punch and are being sold and marketed exclusively in your part of the world! This 2-amp, universal-style digital sound decoder is suitable for a wide variety of models from HO to S scale, and includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches. The UK specific Econami line includes 3 initial formats: the ECO-100, ECO-200, and ECO-21PNEM.  Equipped with several UK-specific features and totally new soundsets, these decoders create the experience  customers have been missing and asking for at a value they have never seen!   econami_header
Diesel UK Sound effects include 7 unique UK specific diesel prime movers. This powerful decoder is packed with 10 never before released UK horn sounds! 

Diesel Sounds

  • Prime Mover

    • English Electric Class 20

    • Brush Traction Class 47

    • Brush Traction Class 31

    • Alstom Class 66/67

    • [EMD 710]

    • English Electric Class 37

    • BR Derby Class Light Weight DMU

  • Horn

    • Class 20 Front

    • Class 37 Front

    • Class 20 Rear

    • Class 37 rear

    • Class 31 Front

    • Class 47 Front

    • Class 31 Rear

    • Class 47 Rear

    • Class 31 Alternate

    • BR Derby Class 108 “Iris”

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Scale HO
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