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Soundtraxx Econami™ 881101 UK Steam, ECO-100, 4 Function Digital Sound Decoder


Available on backorder

MSRP: $89.95
Limited Availablity!!

Long Delay until Mid/Late 2018!!


Limited Availablity!!
Long Delay until Mid/Late 2018!!

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Soundtraxx Econami™ Universal Kingdom 881101, ECO-100, 4 Function, Steam Sound Decoder
Steam Sound Selections

Introducing the best value and most accurate new UK sound decoders on the market for both steam and diesel locomotives. These budget-friendly solutions pack a big punch and are being sold and marketed exclusively in your part of the world!

The UK specific Econami line includes 3 initial formats: the ECO-100, ECO-200, and ECO-21PNEM.  Equipped with several UK-specific features and totally new soundsets, these decoders create the experience  customers have been missing and asking for at a value they have never seen!



Steam Sound effects include 5 unique UK specific exhaust chuffs that can be set to 2 cylinder, 3 cylinder, and articulated. This powerful decoder is packed with 16 never before released whistles for both shunting and road work, vacuum pumps and air compressors, cylinder cocks, blowdown, blower, buffer plates, guard whistle with coach doors, brake squeal and more!


Light GWR 2-6-2T
Light Prarie
Heavy LMS Stanier 8F
Medium BR Standard Class 5
Heavy LNER A4 Class
Medium BR Standard Class 4

Steam Whistles

GWR 2-6-2T No.4575 Main [F1] Festiniog Double Fairlie Main
GWR 2-6-2T No.4575 Shunt [F2] Festiniog Double Fairlie Shunt
Peckett 0-6-0T “Sir Gomer” 2-6-2T “Lyd” Main
Taction Engine Single Chime 2-6-2T “Lyd” Shunt
BR Standard Class 5
[4-6-0] No.73129
BR Standard Class 7
LMS Stanier 8F
[2-8-0] No. 48624
LNER Single Chime
BR Standard Class 4
[2-6-0] No.76079
SR Single-Chime with West County Short
S&DJR Class 7F
[2-8-0] No.53809
LNER A4 Class “Sir Nigel Gresley”

ECO-100 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 27 x 10.5 x 5mm
  • Max. Motor Stall Current: 1A
  • Function Outputs:  4
  • Max. Function Current:     100mA (each output)
  • Audio Amplifier:      1W, 8-Ohm Load
  • DCC Track Voltage: 10V – 22V



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