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Rivarossi HR6313 HO Logging 2 Car Set, West Side Lumber #141 & #153


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MSRP: $49.99

Product Description

Log Cars, West Side Lumber, 2-Pack 141 & 153, Oxide Red


Rivarossi  has re-released the high detailed and popular log cars in HO scale. These historical log cars were used throughout the 20th century, typically being pulled by Heisler, Climax or Shay locomotives. Cars of this type were produced by Seattle Car & Foundry beginning in the early 1900s. These Rivarossi cars are models of the 38 ft skeleton log cars, which were extensively used by several railroads and logging companies during the golden era of logging throughout the upper Midwest and Western United States.

  • Diecast Bodies Oxide Red
  • Knuckle Type Couplers
  • Removable Log Loads
  • Fully Assembled

Are you looking for a great little logging locomotive to pull your logging cars? Rivarossi’s Heisler locomotives fill the bill nicely!

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